Bonding inside - technology of the bonded glass window

Modern bonding inside technology allows gluing the window into the sash without having to use steel reinforcements in the profiles. The supporting function is taken over by the glazing unit. By gluing the glass to the profile, along its entire perimeter, a significant part of the static load is transferred through the window which is more resistant to bending than the leaf profile, and thus stabilizes the window.

Powerdur inside - the vision of a steel free window turned into reality

Vision of a steel free window into reality: In cooperation with BASF, a special glass-fibre reinforced plastic was developed that, integrated in the window profile’s interior, provides the necessary stability and renders additional steel reinforcing elements unnecessary. With powerdur® instead of steel in the window profile, insulation values will improve considerably. The company made another giant leap with respect to recycling: powerdur® profiles are a 100 % recyclable. In the state-of-the-art aluplast recycling plant, the shredded material consisting of PVC and powerdur® can be separated and returned to the production cycle.

Foam inside - window technology at its finest

Sensational insulation values: technology foam inside its what brings window to perfecion. The insulating profile chambers are filled with special polyurethane foam. The revolutionary thing about it: The foam material is introduced into the completed frame after welding. The foam has the property to expand and make its way through the entire profile. Due to this considerable expansion in volume, the perimetral insualting chamber of the frame is filled completely down into the last detail. The exact amount of foam is calculated by software provided by aluplast. Of course, foam inside can be recycled completely, becouse unlike other construction foams it does not stick to the profile surface.

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